History of Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi was founded in 1904 at New York University by  Howard M. Jefferson, Frederic R. Leach, Nathan Lane, Jr., and George L. Bergen,  better known as the "Brooklyn Four', on the principles of promoting institutions of business education, developing future leaders and fostering appreciation for higher ideals in business. The organization was incorporated on May 20, 1905 and is currently headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Today, the fraternity has grown to become the oldest and largest professional business fraternity in the world. With nearly 240,000 initiated members and more than 200 chapters, it is among the 20 largest college fraternities holding chapters in not only the United States but also Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates. Alpha Kappa Psi was originally only for male business students, but after the Board of Directors voted, August 7, 1976,  women were allowed to be admitted into the fraternity. The men and women of AKPsi reflect the world’s diversity and are united by a common interest in business.


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Alpha Kappa Psi : NX Chapter

The NX or Nu Chi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi was founded April 20, 1991.  As one of the most diverse organizations on campus. Our chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi has grown to be the premier co-ed business fraternity at The University of Central Florida. With over one hundred brothers and thousands of alumni, AKPsi has something for every business, business minded or business related major. Our brothers are involved in many organizations both on and off campus such as UCF's Order of the Pegasus, President's Leadership Council, Senate, The Professional Selling Program, O-team, John T. Washington Honor Society, College of Business Ambassadors, and many more. Our networking events throughout each semester demonstrate how AKPsi's network can help you grow personally and professionally

Dr. William Callarman: NX Faculty Advisor

Dr. Callarman (aka Dr. C) was initiated into Alpha Kappa Psi in 1962 at West Texas State University (WTSU, now West Texas A&M University). Through ROTC, he was commissioned as a 2nd Lt in the United States Army.  He received an educational deferment from the military to pursue his MBA and Ph.D. at Arizona State University. Following the Ph.D. program, Dr. C served 18 months on active duty exiting as a Captain.  He immediately joined the faculty at Florida Technological University (now the University of Central Florida) in January 1972.


In 1992, Dr. C became the Faculty Advisor for Nu Chi. Though he officially retired in 2005, he was designated an Associate Professor Emeritus and continues to serve the chapter. Due to his devoted passion to the fraternity, he served as the Central Florida Sectional Director for two years and didn’t stop there. Dr. C currently holds a position on the Board of Directors for Alpha Kappa Psi in which he oversees national decisions affecting hundreds of chapters. Dr. C was awarded the Silver Distinguished Award – Second Degree in 2009.


Dr. Callarman’s AKPsi family extends into his personal family as well. His father, previous Dean of the School of Business at WTSU, is a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi. His youngest brother Tom, faculty member at the China European International Business School in Shanghai, is also a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi.  


His daughter and two granddaughters live in Myrtle Beach, SC and his son lives in the Orlando area. In addition to AKPsi, Dr. C serves on two other boards, coaches two youth soccer teams, counsels the youth at his church, and avidly reads at least two novels a week.

Community service provides a variety of unique benefits to the members of AKPsi, the community and to the organizations where brothers volunteer. Volunteers often get much more out of their service experience than they expect. Also, the community gains resources and services that would otherwise be unavailable. Part of our responsibility is to care for and make a commitment to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Advancing philanthropic interests is a part of Alpha Kappa Psi's mission and such interest is promoted throughout the collegiate experience and beyond. Giving back is just as important as pursuing success. Brothers of Nu Chi volunteer together to help promote the general welfare of our community.

NX Chapter Philanthrophies
Our Guiding Principles

Building Brotherhood - The esoteric quality we call "Brotherhood” is of vital importance though difficult to define. Our members, from the day they become brothers until the end of their lives, foster a great love of the fraternity and a fondness for brother thrives through each of them.  While brotherhood manifests itself in a multitude of ways, it is essentially a sense of duty and respect for both the fraternity and individual members. All activities and decisions that involve the fraternity are guided by a sense of stewardship and selflessness. Members are anchored by the need to do what is in the best interest of the fraternity as a whole and are not swayed by individual self-interest.


Lifelong Learning - College is merely the beginning of business education. Our members share their knowledge and experiences openly with the people they work with, regardless of rank or position. In addition, they seek out opportunities to share their real-world experience with brother members, and in doing so they enhance the lifelong learning of those members.


High Ethical Standards - While the business world offers many opportunities for success and advancement, it also requires us to make decisions about how we succeed. Our members understand the importance of making decisions and conducting business in a way that takes into account both legal and ethical considerations. Our members serve as role models through their consistently fair and ethical conduct.


Improving Communities - Much is expected of those to whom much is given. Business professionals who seek to improve the communities in which they do business improve lives and develop goodwill. Our members actively give back to their communities through volunteer activities and monetary support.


Enhancing the Fraternity for Life - College chapters serve as living laboratories for classroom concepts and professional conduct. In turn, lessons learned in the fraternity prepare members for success in the business world. Because they recognize the value and importance of our Fraternity, our members are united in their passion to build a legacy for the future.

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